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Koala Research Database (KRD)

The Koala Research Database (KRD) is an online storage facility that currently holds 600+ documents and is designed to store any items relevant to the koala including:

  • historical images, drawings, paintings, photo, etc. of koalas

  • historical periodicals, articles and other reading materials of koalas

  • peer reviewed publications

  • brochures, newsletter, and other communications for koala-based events and charity organizations

  • government reports

  • Maps displaying koala-related content

  • social media and 

  • other/miscellaneous historical koala-related research content

The data base is restricted to researchers associated with the KHSRC, as to avoid any potential copyright issues, but we invite you, the public, to upload / email us any koala related articles to add to our KRD.

Any article to be uploaded will be checked against documents stored on our system, and if we don’t already have it, it will be added as a permanent item.

The KRD allows researchers, especially those who are interested in the analysis of historical koala data, to value add to their traditional on-line investigations. We would welcome suggestions for projects / topics where the KRD could be utilised to support such investigations especially if  funding could be attracted to support a student / research officer to focus on such a task.

We envisage that the KRD will ultimately hold in excess of 10,000 items by the time we finish sorting and uploading items currently still only held in hardcopy.

If you have any documents or files that you think could be of use to our KRD and future koala research, please either:

  • become a member of KHSRC by visiting our Members page here, or subscribing below, and join our forums where you can discuss and upload koala-related content with other members including the KHSRC researchers. 

  • and/or simply email us your documents here or contact any of our KHSRC researchers to send us your contributions for our review and approval.

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